A Child, Not A Choice
Right To Life

In loving memory of Brianna Nicol Black, A precious little angel

Brianna was not a victim of abortion. She was just the opposite. There is nothing that I, or my family, wanted more than to have her. Instead, she went to be with Jesus before she was allowed to be with us. A beautiful, precious, perfect little girl. She is greatly missed and will forever be greatly loved.

My Say

I thought about this one time for a very long time. I asked myself what I would do, should I ever become pregnant. My answer to myself was simply this.
A baby living inside me, depending on me, heart beating with mine. . . I could never end that.
No one can tell me that this baby would not be living. We look at a plant and say it is living. How can anyone look at growing baby and say that it's not living? People cry in outrage over cruelty to animals and all these baby murderers, yet still it's okay to end the life of baby simply because it hasn't taken it's first breath. What is the difference between killing the baby in the womb (which is allowed by law) and killing the baby only seconds from birth (which is against the law)??
I am no expert on the subject, so I can only tell you what I feel is right. There are so many couples longing for a child and they are forced to watch as millions of baby are killed simply because they are unwanted.
Something must be done. I wanted to place some pictures concerning abortion as well as some details. For the very fact that I am sickened by it, I can not bring myself to write about in great detail. Yet it NEEDS to be known. It NEEDS to be seen. So that everyone will see how gruesome, cruel, and wrong taking the lives of these babies really are. So I have provided the links to some very informative webpages below:

The Truth Given In Pictures -- There are so many areas covered on this page that I can't begin to list them. The pictures are not right on this page. You have to click on links to see them. So if you don't want to see the pics, you can still read some info.
What Partial Birth Abortion Is -- Very informative sight
Students Against Life Termination
What's Going On In Congress
Contact Your Congressman

Below of some webrings and sights I suggest you explore a little. You can do so simply by clicking on the picture.

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