Here are our starselves (we are hoping to get wishing stars!!). Respectively, meet Sabrina, me (Joni), Laura, and Jessica.


I HAVE THE GREATEST FRIENDS EVER!! Thanks a million!! Love you all lots and lots!!
"My best friend" CHERISH

JESSICA "Four and a dozen eggs, please"

LAURA "Whine!!"

BECKY "My mailbox mate!"

SABRINA "Smashing Baby, yeah!"

KIMMY "One of my roomies across the hall"

CHRISSY "Wedding Story Addict"

MICHELLE "No, you are waaaaay cuter than her"

JESSICA "Rah-Rah Girl"


My imaginary friend who's name is Coral.

"Hello, my name is Coral. Why? Because that's what Joni wanted it to be. Joni is sooooo wonderful, isn't she? I just love to listen to what she has to say cause she is always right. We never fight, we never like the same guy, we never borrow each others clothes."

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