Braden Matthew

My very first teddybear! Makanaakua gave it to      me!! Braden Matthew adopted by Joni December 25, 1998 Yummy!! Shaffin loves legos too!

Mommy loves when I make noise! Thank you, Mak!! A Balloon from Mak! I'm going to be an athlete, right, Shaffin? A choo-choo!!!

I like to build!! Fireman Braden to the rescue!! This one is Mak's.  I'm supposed to share, but you can't play with this one though. You can play with this one though!

Alohaz!Puliki! Honi!

This is Braden's room. Come in, sit down, play with the toys and visit my mommy. Lots of Love Hugs and Kisses. Alohaz, honi, a me puliki!!


a.k.a Pebbles__18
Mommy and me and Daddy!!

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