Hey! Welcome to all about Girl. That's me. I'm girl. The one and only. Okay, first of all I came up with GirlTuesday by calling my bestfriend (Mak) Boy_Friday. I just like the way they sound. Now my other name Wahine_Makanaakua. Obviously I picked it up from Makanaakua is Hawaiian for Matthew - God's Divine Gift. And Wahine is woman. Figure it out. Anyways, here's the 411 on me.


Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green, Hazel, Never sure

Age: 18

Sign: Aries

Major: Computer Science (freshman)

Sibs: Brother 17, Sister 10

Pets: Maggie, boxer

Place: Apartment, 3 roommates

Jobs: Pizza Kitchen ~ Telemarketing ~ Cafeteria ~ Candle Carver

Goals: 1. Get married (applications now being accepted)

2. Have a family (after #1)

3. Be a Mommy

4. Make lots of money with my books

Hobbies: Writing, whatever i find amusing, love to dance

Boyfriend: You mean those guys who romance you to pieces and then breaks your heart?? Nope.

Bestfriends: Cherish, Jessica, Chrissy, Michelle, Michelle (not a repeat), Sabrina, Laura, Becky I know I'm forgetting someone.

New Words in my Vocab: Fuckrag, AFU, NFG


Actors: Brad Pitt, Ethan Hawke, Matthew McCoughney (can't spell his name)

Actress : Claire Danes, Meg Ryan

Least Fav Actor : Jim Carey

Least Fav Actress : Jennifer Love Hewitt

Movies* : The Cutting Edge ~ Sleepless in Seattle ~ Ghost * Drop Dead Fred ~ Water Boy ~ Gone With the Wind ~ Ever After

Least Fav Movies: Mars Attacks

Tv Shows: Friends ~ Dawson's Creek ~ SNL

Candy: Skittles

Flowers: Yellow Roses

Colors: Deep blues, purples, blues, yellows

Name for a Boy**: Ryan, Braden

Name for a Girl: Carly, Ryanna

Love Song: Cross My Heart (George Straight) ~ Open Arms (Journey} ~ Unchained Melody

Other Songs: You name it I probably like it

Food: Chicken Cacatore (can't spell once again)

Saying: "What the smack?!?!"

Pick up Line***: "Are you lost?" "No, why?" "I've never seen an angel this far from heaven."

Pet name: Princess Angel Baby

* Never seen any StarWars or Rocky movies

** I want at least 4 kids

*** Word to the guys. Notice that I do KNOW it's a pick up line. And hearing it over and over. . .it gets kinda lame.

Okay. I know I'm forgetting alot of things, but I'll put them on here later.