My Awesome Roomies!


I love my roomies to pieces. We all are freshman. I simply had to dedicate an entire page to us. 'Cause we are the stuff. I don't have a pic to put on here yet. First let me give you a little info on all of us. There is me, Sabrina, Laura, and Jessica.


This is my page. . .well duh? you knew that if I sent you here and if I didn't, then I'm Joni. I'm a Computer Science major, I love love, hockey, and music. Anything that's on my page I have a general interest in.


Sabrina's major is Chemistry. . .for now. Sabrina is on the drill team and one of her big interests is boys (shown by her vast herem of guys). Sabrina is also major Austin Powers fan (SMASHING BABY, YEAH!) She's got a VAST underwear collection. . .no, I'm not kidding.


Laura's major is Christian Ministries and a member of the Silk Line. Now, she may not admit it, but the girl is non-stop Tom (that'd be her boyfriend). ( Tom's Webpage ) Her favorite movie is My Best Friend's Wedding. Her favorite artist is Stephen Curtis Chapman.

ATTENTION TOM: "I miss you, TommyBear!" --Laura


Jess is Roomie #3. Her major is Music Education. Right now, she's probably flying around campus doing one of her many many activities. She's in the band. . plays a clarinet. She sings and acts and . . .you get the idea.

Well, eventually between creating my other pages, I'm going to add a page for each of my roommates so that they can have a little page all their own too! THEY AREN'T READY YET, SO DON'T CLICK ON THEM!!!

Music Woman
La Pagina di Laura
Sabrina Danger Powers